Faster & Better way to generate CMR waybills

Fill in from database, print or email international CMR waybills online. Save time and make your job easier.

Store all CMR waybills online

Move your waybill issuing process to cloud – issue, generate, print and send CMR’s to people you work with. 

Work less, do more

Save your time filling CMR waybills by hand – add clients, carriers and shipments immediately from database and reduce administrative work.

easy to use

SuperCMR is built to make issuing CMRs a pleasure. Hassle-free, all necessary functions intuitive and always at hand.

Safer in cloud

All your data is stored safely in cloud, so you can use SuperCMR on any computer, wherever you are. All waybills in one place. 

Many export possibilities

Generate .pdf waybills, choose different CMR languages, send waybills to chosen e-mail addresses.

Still filling CMR by hand?

Filling CMR by hand is time-consuming, needs more attention – mistakes cannot be easily fixed, last pages are hardly readable, documents cannot be duplicated.
Using SuperCMR you can forget those problems, save some money, and start preparing for e-CMR revolution.


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e-CMR lab

We’re developing e-CMR standard for international road transport in Europe

We believe that digitalisation is the only way, so we are working to digitalise supply chain documentation. Our goal is to reduce costs of paper documentation (printing and archiving) and to ensure safety of logistics processes for road transport in European Union.

In the business world of road cargo transport, the CMR stands out as arguably the most important document to have. In countries where the convention of CMR is accepted, it is the defining document that ensures proper and transparent cargo transfer from sender to receiver. But, it’s also an item that can cause a lot of administrative concerns for all parties involved. Since it has to be filled in leaving no mistakes, doing it by hand is always quite time-consuming and risky. This is why a new tool – the CMR online document generator is emerging as the right alternative for the job!

What is a CMR?

The internationally used acronym CMR is short for the french term: “Convention relative au contrat de transport international de merchandises par route”. The direct translation would be somewhat along the lines of the Convention on contract for transport of merchandise by road, internationally. The CMR came into being all the way back in 1956 and is most commonly used by European countries, although it’s also used in Asia and other continents as well.

The CMR document is only mandatory if the cargo origin or delivery country is a member of the convention.  Currently, there are around 55 countries that belong to this convention.

CMR document generator online

The main difficulty for cargo carriers all over Europe and some other regions is the time it takes to take care of bill of landing and other CMR-related documents. Drivers and managers have to take care a lot of things, including double-checking the data that’s provided, making reports, etc. A quicker way to deal with cargo transport-related administrative issues is by implementing an online CMR document generator.

The generator works as centralized database for numerous templates and document forms which are easily editable on-demand and stored in a cloud database. 

Why is this useful? Well, because it saves time and reduced the workload for both your administrative staff and drivers as well. Automated digital solutions can vastly improve productivity while simultaneously reducing the money you have to spend on handling administrative tasks which don’t create any added value. 

Generated waybills and other documents will be stored within the database. So, whenever you need to access them for archiving purposes or to clarify some data, there’s an easy way to do it. If the software is online and not installed on-premises, your staff can access PDF format data on the go.

Why SuperCMR?

SuperCMR is an innovative digital tool for cargo companies and organizations that want to simplify CMR document creation. For a company which fills out 500 CMR’s per month (around 25 per business day) at the price per hour of the employee filling them, set at 12 EUR/h, the savings for a business, using SuperCMR are immense. With our aforementioned data, a company can expect to save between 3000 and 4000 Euros (approx. 3600 EUR) each year.

You can try out the SuperCMR program for free to see how it works and how you could implement it in your day-to-day business activities. The whole system is super user-friendly and made in a way which is easy to navigate for employees. By improving supply chain documentation management, beginning with CMR document generation, your business can swiftly move forward and save a lot of cash each year. 

SuperCMR will keep all documents in the cloud for easy access. Furthermore, Client / Carrier / Product lists autosuggest helps generate waybills much faster than usual. Export all documents as a .pdf document and print, send, share. Using this software, your business can also do custom branding for CMR forms as well as import data from external sources.